I am very grateful to realize in a measure that the yoke of radical...

I am very grateful to realize in a measure that the yoke of radical reliance upon God does indeed make our burdens light. Dependence upon God is true independence. As we depend upon God, we are freed from material bondage and limitations. Just as there is no reason to abide a pebble in one's shoe, there is no reason to contend with generally accepted mortal discomforts or limitations.

A number of years ago our little daughter developed two bald spots on her head. I affirmed many inspiring truths of perfect God and His expression, perfect man. I knew that the child was spiritually whole, lacking nothing. As a divine idea, the substance of her being was the spiritual qualities of God made manifest. Although these and similar truths were most helpful to me, there was no outward change in the condition.

One day while my daughter and I were at the beauty salon, a beautician, who is a student of Christian Science, stated that the problem seemed to be dead hair cells, so that no hair would grow. While waiting there for my daughter, I vigorously declared that God was her Life and that there was no death, even to an infinitesimal degree! As St. Paul states of God in the Bible (Acts 17:28), "In him we live, and move, and have our being." I saw that each one had coexisted with God throughout eternity and had never been born into matter or been subject to dying out of matter. The absolute refusal to accept or consent to death in any degree for any of God's ideas was firmly maintained.

The Bible Speaks to You
March 28, 1970

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