There Is No Moral Paralysis

One of the main challenges of today is presented to mankind in the claim of moral paralysis, that is, the inability to act intelligently in accord with one's highest sense of right. For one reason or another, men may become so impressed with evil that they fail to rise up against what is obviously wrong. It is a mesmeric state of thought that must be thoroughly rejected so that one may be free to recognize the impulsions of divine Principle and be governed by them.

It takes spiritual insight and moral stamina to face the wrong elements in thought and in society and to take a firm position on the right side. But in order to do this, one must have some understanding of God, divine Spirit, infinite Principle, and of man in God's likeness, the expression of intelligent Spirit. Christian Science reveals that God is divine Mind, the only Mind governing man. Thus it sets the stage for the demonstration of right control, of moral sensitivity and responsibility. If one becomes embroiled in the maelstrom of material excitement, extreme feelings, or of moral inertia, he can well take time out to pray, to orient his consciousness in relation to the divine Mind and thus bring his thinking and action under God's control.

Testimony of Healing
I am an electronics engineer, born and reared in Bombay, India
August 23, 1969

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