How Close Is God?

God is right here. He is also over there. He is above, beneath, and around—an all-pervading, intelligent, loving presence. When seen through the lens of Christian Science, God is recognized as Being itself. Speaking of Him with deep insight and inspiration, Mrs. Eddy writes: "He sustains my individuality. Nay, more—He is my individuality and my Life. Because He lives, I live. He heals all my ills, destroys my iniquities, deprives death of its sting, and robs the grave of its victory." Unity of Good, p. 48;

If, then, one should ask, "How close is God?" the answer would be, "As close as life itself, for He is Life—living Being; as close as consciousness, for He is all real consciousness—the only Mind, or Ego, of man and the universe." Paul's words describe the situation clearly: "For in him we live, and move, and have our being." Acts 17:23;

Christian Science Church Center
August 9, 1969

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