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Christian Science came to me when I was in good health and...

Christian Science came to me when I was in good health and happy circumstances. An ethical and aesthetic education had early awakened human ideals in me. So from the very beginning I naturally had an open mind for the allness of good, but it was only very gradually that I developed the deeper faculty of actively denying reality to evil and taking my stand fearlessly and gladly in order to bring about its downfall. When I look back on the many years of learning to the present time, I gratefully see how God always lovingly guided me, even when I was a modest beginner. I would like to relate several healings and experiences.

I had known of Christian Science only three days when I needed it very much. My husband came home from work at an unaccustomed time. He lay down on the bed; and when I went to him after a little while, I was greatly frightened. He was hardly breathing and was pale and cold. The Christian Science practitioner who had brought my mother and me into Christian Science was able to come only after several hours. I shall always remember with what fearlessness and joy she explained to me that it was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate life. She gave us Christian Science treatment through prayer, and my husband awakened slowly during her treatment. The next day he got up. Soon afterward the underlying cause of the trouble appeared. A large reduction in salary had alarmed him, in assumed as he had assumed large obligations. Following this healing he began to learn that God, Spirit, always adequately provides man with all he needs.

February 8, 1969

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