Christianity's Watchword

On the night that Jesus was born, shepherds saw the glory of God shining about them and heard a heavenly host praising Him and prophesying peace. Christians have often forgotten that message, and still forget it. However, it remains the dominant objective of the church Christ Jesus founded. Mary Baker Eddy says in No and Yes, "In every age and clime, 'On earth peace, good will toward men' must be the watchword of Christianity." No and Yes, p. 44;

Peace begins with God and expresses His presence. But as long as mankind believe in many mortal minds, many human opinions, many personal motives, peace will be a will-o'-the-wisp that eludes its pursuers. If the people of the world will learn through Christian Science that there is but one Mind and that this one Mind is God, or Love, the universal peace of heaven will appear on earth, and it will remain.

In Defense of Business
December 20, 1969

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