The Most Important Need of All

What is human need? Stripped to bare necessities, it is usually thought of as food, clothing, shelter, and health services. These needs depend, in turn, upon the need for gainful employment. The human being frequently confuses what he considers his basic needs with his wants. The two are by no means identical. But when either need or want is inadequately supplied, he is tempted to be discouraged and to experience the mental suffering caused by his seemingly insoluble problems.

But this is not necessary. The individual's sense of need starts with a mental concept. This concept is usually clouded with frustration, doubt, and fear. This is because he is overlooking the most important need of all—the meeting of which will meet all his other needs—the need for an understanding of God and of man's inseverable relationship to Him. A change of thinking is what is most requisite.

A Solemn Promise
November 8, 1969

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