Divine Mind Conquers Inertia

Everyone must realize that thought animates him. The body moves through mental action, and to produce health, that action must be harmonious, spontaneous, and constant. Inertia has no place in action, and when inertia appears in any organ or function of the body, it is evident that thought rather than flesh needs attention.

Christian Science shows us how to conquer mental inertia. In the first place, this Science reveals God as divine Mind and divine Mind as omniaction. It also reveals man as Mind's idea, as an individual, conscious emanation of Mind, perpetually animated by its source. For inertia to take place in Mind's forever active idea is an impossibility. So the student of Christian Science reasons that he needs to give up his belief in a mortal, or carnal, mind, the mind of the flesh, and look to divine Mind as the only Mind of man. To restore normal activity to the body, he must live the Christ, the true idea of sonship with God; his character must be pure, kindly, loving, under every circumstance.

A New Morality?
November 8, 1969

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