Toward a Universal Perspective

The writer occasionally gains a calm perspective on earthly passions by picturing himself serenely atop the moon in sweet spatial silence. He sees himself observing from a safe distance the wars and rumors of wars on earth, that rather small, pear-shaped planet moving in order among the others. The writer's picture teaches a lesson, as far as it goes, to shrivel a massive mortal ego. But it does not stop a single war or rumor of one, nor heal a single hurt.

Christian Science teaches that mankind can't physically run away and hide from evil, the absence of good. Rocketing to the moon for respite or to a planet not yet within range of earth's increasingly powerful telescopes would not leave evil behind in a cloud of space dust. Is there any escape from evil? Yes, indeed, but the escape does not involve moving one inch from where one is right now. There will be many reasons for us to rocket to far planets, but to escape from evil involves spiritual understanding, not physical movement.

Are You Claiming Your Birthright?
March 2, 1968

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