The Tranquillity of Soul

Today many individuals feel the need of more tranquillity and peace in their lives. Some turn to alcohol, drugs, and other material means for help in experiencing these qualities. However, Christian Science shows that such temporary measures do not actually succeed. But permanent serenity and composure, accompanied by a deep sense of harmony, can be found through the understanding of the oneness of Soul.

Soul is one of the seven synonyms used by Mrs. Eddy in referring to Deity. Since there is only one God, there must be only one indivisible Soul. In her book Unity of Good she says: "To me God is All. He is best understood as Supreme Being, as infinite and conscious Life, as the affectionate Father and Mother of all He creates; but this divine Parent no more enters into His creation than the human father enters into his child. His creation is not the Ego, but the reflection of the Ego. The Ego is God Himself, the infinite Soul." Un., p. 48;

Peter and Snowball
March 2, 1968

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