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RADIO PROGRAM NO. 274 - Students and Drugs, Part II

Questioner: Last week we discussed the manner in which drugs lead students to problem-dodging instead of problem-solving. How do you feel that LSD fits into this context? Many of the students who take LSD feel that this drug leads them to a new awareness, a new understanding of life itself.Speaker: One hears that a great deal. They also often say that it doesn't cause addiction, isn't that right?Questioner: Yes. Many students certainly feel that way. And that's why they ask what's wrong with taking LSD in a controlled, responsible way.Speaker: I think perhaps that we might just note in passing that there is such a thing as psychological addiction, which is different from physical addiction. And certainly it might be very possible to be psychologically addicted to such a drug as LSD. But let's look at the point you raise about its providing what might be called a religious experience.

There have been theological students, for instance, who have taken it and have said that it gave them their clearest experience of God and their deepest religious experience up to that time. That does raise important questions, and I think one of the biggest questions is, Can religion be reduced to chemistry?

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July 8, 1967

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