The Message of the Comforter

Expressed within the pages of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy is an idea that is bigger than all the words that describe it. It is a spiritual idea which touches us in time, but it is larger than time and transcends it. Christ Jesus prophesied the coming of the Comforter, or "the Spirit of truth," and he said of it, "he will guide you into all truth." John 16:13; Mrs. Eddy discerned this Comforter anew in the modern age, and she recorded her revelation in Science and Health. Thus the Comforter reaches mankind today in its new name, Divine Science—the ultimate of truth and understanding.

What is the message of the Comforter? In the simplest terms we might answer: Good alone is real. But it is not a cliche or a soothing saying that is at the heart of the Comforter; it is not even merely an abstract statement of truth. It evidences God's understanding of His own pure and all-inclusive holiness that whispers in human consciousness, "Good alone is real."

"The radiation of Spirit"
November 4, 1967

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