Rising Above Routine

Housewives, office workers, and many other people sometimes feel that their daily activities are a monotonous round of tedious duties from which they would gladly be freed. They do not always realize that they can instantly free themselves from this apparent bondage by adopting a new view of what they are doing.

The belief that worthwhile activities can be merely routine bars the way of progress. The truth is that every right thought, every useful motion, every constructive act exemplifies qualities of Mind and therefore expresses in a degree the divine order of the universe. Every effort to meet a human need by spiritual means, however insignificant the effort may appear, is an individual manifestation, or reflection, of God's love for man. Constant repetition of such thoughts and actions does not deprive them of their value, but reiterates their dignity and majesty.

Angels Will Do Our Errands
January 7, 1967

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