Divine Mind Governs the Human Body

A question that puzzles many inquirers seeking health through Christian Science is how God, divine Mind, reaches the human body and governs it. For Science declares God to be supersensible—above the physical senses—and conscious only of Himself and His perfect, spiritual creation. Then how can He heal what He is unconscious of?

The answers lie in the fact that the human self must become conscious of God, not that God must become conscious of mortal ills. The Father's mandate for the health of His sons is forever resounding throughout the universe; and man in God's likeness is governed by that mandate. But mankind must respond to it and give up any false beliefs they are entertaining that make them deaf to it. They must quit believing that man is mortal and that they are separated from God, the source of health. They must identify themselves as the ideas of divine Mind, forever reflecting health.

Experience Is Subjective
July 9, 1966

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