The Bible as Authority

Some of the Bible narratives are historical fact, and they stand up as such when investigated scientifically. Some are obviously metaphorical, and others can be taken either literally or figuratively. But whether or not an incident described in the Bible can be proved historically, Christian Science enables one to understand its meaning and to find in it a vivid presentation of the truths we need to know in order to face life and live it as it actually is.

In the first chapter of Genesis, where man is described as the image and likeness of God, the ideal man includes both perfect manhood and perfect womanhood. The account says of God, "Male and female created he them" (Gen. 1:27). Beginning with the sixth verse of the second chapter of Genesis comes the great drama depicting the human sense of existence. It opens with an allegory, far from historical fact. In a skillful manner it unfolds the characteristics of human thought, both masculine and feminine.

March 19, 1966

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