Eternal and Temporal Science

There are two systems of thought in the world today to which the name science is applied —Christian Science and natural science. The objectives of both are similar: to understand the nature of the universe and of everything in it, of man and of life, and, by utilizing this understanding, to gain control and dominion over experience, to free mankind from troubles and from unnecessary labor, and to bring more abundant life and happiness.

The basic assumptions and the methods of the two systems are, however, profoundly different. Natural science starts from the assumption that man is a mortal, living in a material universe, and that matter is fundamental, entirely independent of thought, having existed long before life and consciousness appeared. Life and consciousness are believed to appear only when the evolution of matter has resulted in highly organized bodily structures, which can survive only when the temperature and composition of the atmosphere and other material conditions are suitable. At the present time, natural science has a very strong hold on human thought; indeed to most people, the word "science" still means only the systematic study of material phenomena.

Motivation for College Writing
August 28, 1965

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