Holding Steadfastly to Truth

Our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, expected her followers to emulate the works of Christ Jesus and her own blessed example and to heal the sick and suffering instantaneously. And this is the cherished desire and purpose of every earnest student of Christian Science. Indeed, instantaneous healings are constantly occurring, as authenticated testimonies in the Christian Science periodicals, as well as those given at Wednesday testimony meetings in Christian Science churches, bear faithful witness. Such healings prove the immediate availability of God's power to heal and to bless.

Sometimes, however, a difficulty or problem, whether one of sickness, lack, or human relationships, is not healed immediately, in spite of the consecrated work of the practitioner and the earnestness of the patient. Then is the time to be on guard against the mesmeric suggestions of discouragement, frustration, failure, and defeat. Then is the time to take our stand even more firmly for Truth and to banish fear and doubt, for Truth is God and can never be vanquished but must triumph over all error.

A Perfect Relationship
December 4, 1965

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