Real Energy

"Because energy originates in the unlimited, perfect Mind, it is always adequate"

"Energy " might be defined as the power by which anything acts or produces an effect. Through Christian Science we learn that true energy is divine. It has nothing whatever to do with matter but belongs to Mind, which is Spirit. It is the spiritual vitality of Mind in all its functions. We utilize this energy by understanding God's nature, His omnipresence and omnipotence, and by realizing that man reflects the divine Mind, through which the activity of Life, Spirit, is expressed.

Whether one is utilizing the power of spiritual understanding or depending upon the false belief that energy is material can be determined by one's mental attitude toward any duty. If one reasons as Jesus, the great Master, did when he said (John 5:17), "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work," one knows one is animated by real energy. But if one is reasoning from the standpoint of what a mortal can do, then one is leaning upon a broken reed. If this is so, the remedy is to turn earnestly away from material sense and realize the spiritual fact that the real man, one's true selfhood, reflects the divine source of all power.

"A low sweet prelude"
September 19, 1964

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