Christian Science is practical

Christian Science is practical. Each step of the way reveals more of the precious gift of the truth, which Jesus promised "shall make you free" (John 8:32) and which Mrs. Eddy has so patiently and lovingly spelled out in the textbook.

Although I attended a Christian Science Sunday School from childhood through my college years, I learned the letter, not the spirit, never understanding the basic Principle of this Science, divine Love. I was obedient and morally upright, but I was also self-righteous and critical. I thought Christian Science was at fault because it did not work for me. I know now that I was a total stranger to that Love divine, before which all error dissolves into nothing.

Years passed by. Then one day I told a friend my family was at last going to attend church. She implored me to come to the Church of Christ, Scientist, which she attended, and I answered that that would be the last place I would ever go. She kindly persisted, patiently refuting each argument I brought up.

Testimony of Healing
"The glory of the Lord shall be...
December 12, 1964

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