About two years ago, while at...

About two years ago, while at work in my place of business, I was suddenly aware that something was happening to me physically. It happened that a Christian Science practitioner was present, and I asked for her help. Within a few moments it was evident that the condition was one of paralysis. The practitioner was able to care for my immediate needs without arousing the curiosity of others around us. I was able to remain quietly at my business until the end of the day, and then one of the employees drove me home. I was able to remain alone that evening, praying and studying, and the physical healing was apparent that first day.

However, there were many fears to be eradicated, and I remained at home for two weeks. Then I returned to my business. But my healing had awakened in me a desire for the opportunity to study and progress and rest in the consciousness of Truth. Shortly after my return to my business the way to retire was presented to me through prayer, and I did this joyously although I had been many years in the business world, and it had seemed to be my whole life. I can now better understand Paul's scriptural statement, "I take pleasure in infirmities" (II Cor. 12:10), for from this time my entire experience has been an unfolding of wonderful blessings, and my needs are amply met.

Testimony of Healing
My heart overflows with gratitude...
October 17, 1964

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