Rewards Here and Hereafter

Through Christ Jesus we learn that existence continues after what appears to be death. This does something to our sense of values. It causes us to regard immortal things as worthy of our attention and exposes the relative worthlessness of temporal things. The rewards we seek come to us as we consciously reflect the qualities of the eternal Father.

As God is timeless, the rewards He bestows are timeless. But human recognition of them may wait for our clearer recognition, here or hereafter, of timeless being. Because we are slow to recognize this, we may seem to see a selfish person succeed; whereas an unselfish one earns only more toil for his labors. And this may tempt us to believe that we can gain something by being selfish. But if we understand the immortality of life, the temptation will disappear without a struggle.

April 13, 1963

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