About nine years ago Christian Scientists...

About nine years ago Christian Scientists were to me a group of people "who didn't believe in doctors."

I was working at the time in a very unharmonious situation. Everyone seemed disagreeable, and everything seemed pointless. I here was a woman working in the same department who, in spite of all the annoyances, was cheerful all the time, in the frame of mind I was in, I was sure this was a Pollyanna attitude, which was in itself a further annoyance. I inquired about the woman and found she had many of the difficulties I had. She was alone, had a serious financial problem and children to rear, and unsatisfactory working conditions too. Still she smiled and met animosity with gentleness and calmness.

One day I asked her just what right she had to be so happy all the time. She told me she was a Christian Scientist; and after I had asked her further questions, she gave me some literature. Later she gave me a copy of Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy and invited me to a church service. I felt peace in this church and like a wanderer come home. I sought out a practitioner, bombarded her with questions, and unloaded many fears and woes.

Testimony of Healing
Perhaps many will be encouraged...
March 2, 1963

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