A College Student Writes

Athletics Scientifically Approached

Today more people than ever before enjoy athletics, both as a form of competition and as a means of recreation. Students of Christian Science recognize that the desire for success in athletics is a natural one, requiring knowledge, discipline, and perseverance. Such a desire is certain to be blessed when Christian Science is correctly applied to it, for this Science shows the individual how to develop and express essential, God-derived qualities, such as self-reliance, independence, character, determination, and courage.

These qualities are discerned through an understanding that one's true self is the expression of divine Mind. Christian Science teaches that man is the image and likeness of God, divine Spirit, and that he is therefore spiritual, possessing eternal consciousness unrestricted by corporeal limitations. His identity is pure and perfect, held forever intact in Mind. From the strength of this standpoint, a student need never fear that a sport requires more talent than he has. God bestows unlimited spiritual talent, and this truth is available to all who will accept it and demonstrate it.

Constructive Argument
March 23, 1963

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