Showing Man His Uprightness

[The following Christian Science program of the above title was presented on Sunday, February 17, over the Columbia Broadcasting System "Church of the Air." The speaker was Richard H. Chase.]

Young people present an interesting paradox. They are living at a time when the world's intellectual and spiritual enlightenment is at a peak; at a time when men's achievements, especially in the fields of the sciences and in research, invention, and manufacture, excite awe and wonder; at a time when the humanitarian spirit in men has reached greater heights than ever before. Young people themselves are having unparalleled opportunities for self-improvement, study, and attainment. The rising generation carries on its shoulders greater hopes and larger responsibilities than ever before.

Yet, and here is the paradox, no generation on record has received more unfavorable publicity. Newspapers, magazines and books, and the radio and television have joined forces to picture youth in the blackest terms—in terms of delinquency, gambling, drinking, immorality, drug addiction, and crime. And if we assume that these estimates tell the full story, we shall falsely conclude that most of the rising generation is headed straight for perdition and will carry the rest of the world along with it.

Of Good Report
February 23, 1963

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