Christ Jesus gave illustrations of expansion as the result of spiritual growth in some of his parables. Perhaps the most familiar of these and one that is referred to by Mrs. Eddy is the parable of the leaven, "which a woman took, and had in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened" (Matt. 13:33). In Jesus' time, leaven was a small bit of fermented dough; in our time, we know it usually as yeast or baking powder. In both instances the leavening agent is a small portion of the whole; yet the whole depends upon the leaven for expansion and in a measure for quality.

As spiritual activity, expansion concerns us all. Each individual, though the smallest unit of some group, contributes to the quality and progress of that group. Each thought, small and fleeting though it often seems, influences the quality and growth of the individual. We can see the result of this in all our experiences, for thought is never without expression. If our experiences are not to our liking, if they seem sour, ugly, or tasteless to us, we are wise if we examine the nature of our leaven.

April 16, 1960

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