That man, God's likeness, lives in a law-governed, law-abiding state is borne out by the fact that man's spiritual nature has come to light in the measure that divine law has been revealed and obeyed. The most law-abiding individuals have been those who have best demonstrated Spirit's control over material environment and who have consequently accomplished the most good for the race. Moses and the prophets obeyed God's law in marked degree, and they taught others to do so. Christ Jesus manifested Truth's complete control over material circumstances, trampling under foot the false laws which constitute the limiting sense dream. The Master exhibited in mercy to humanity the advantage and necessity of obedience to law— ascension above mortality into the kingdom of heaven.

Mary Baker Eddy discovered the full meaning and extent of divine law and named her discovery Christian Science. She explains real law in terms of truth, or spiritual fact, and she shows mankind how to obey law by the exchanging of material beliefs for specific spiritual truths. She proved again and again that the spiritual fact regarding any situation is the law governing that situation, and her followers are everywhere engaged in exercising the power of truth as law.

May 19, 1956

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