It is more than twenty-five years...

It is more than twenty-five years since my former testimony appeared in the Christian Science Sentinel, and I should like to express my gratitude for this period of splendid health and joyous unfoldment of the truths of Christian Science. I wish to tell of a few of the healings I have experienced during that time, though protective work in Science has many times eliminated the need of healing.

At one time I suffered from a badly poisoned foot. On Wednesday I asked for the help of a Christian Science practitioner. The next morning my foot was still so swollen that the only thing I could wear on it was a man's soft slipper. I was due to preside at a meeting of church members on Saturday. It did not occur to me to think of obtaining a substitute. Prayerful work was continued, and I took in place at the meeting, wearing my usual shoes. I well remember the freedom and joy with which I ran to catch a bus afterwards. There was no further difficulty experienced.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was presented...
April 7, 1956

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