In Christian Science we are...

In Christian Science we are taught that we are not bound or governed by the false testimony and verdicts of a so-called mortal mind. We are taught to turn our thoughts constantly away from them and not fear them, and to turn whole-heartedly to God, our creator, who made us to express His perfection and infinite qualities, and so to glorify Him. When we do this in gratitude and humility, healings take place and problems disappear.

I will relate one healing which was outstanding to me. For a period of several years I was attacked two or three times a year by a crippling condition in my back, of which I never knew the name. I could neither sit, walk, stand, nor lie down without great difficulty because of extreme pain. This went on for several days each time, and although I obtained relief from the help given by Christian Science practitioners at different times, no permanent healing took place.

Testimony of Healing
The many blessings which have...
May 3, 1952

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