In her publication "Miscellaneous Writings" Mary Baker Eddy, the beloved Leader of the Christian Science movement, points the way to the attainment of eternal bliss. She writes (p. 19), "The spiritual sense of Life and its grand pursuits is of itself a bliss, health-giving and joy-inspiring."

Most of us deeply yearn for a more lasting peace, based unchangingly upon foundations which do not crumble with the passing of events, however uncontrollable and adverse may seem these events. In the midst of what may appear to be incessant difficulties, we do experience intervals of ease and are apt to rest smugly in them. An ecstatic sense of bliss, a momentary relief from heaviness of heart, may be often quickly overshadowed by premonitions of impending evil. To many there seems to come a crucifixion between two thieves, the thief of the past and the thief of the future. Condemnatory regrets over past wrong words and acts or a fear and dread of what the future holds in store may mercilessly assail us. This state of thought is due to a lack of spiritual understanding, that is, of a correct knowledge of the truth of God and man.

November 12, 1949

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