Two most helpful lessons may be...

Two most helpful lessons may be learned from each of the following healings. First, never despair, never give up your efforts; and secondly, the truth you need to know for any given problem is always present and possible of being understood and utilized now.

That druglike habit of biting one's fingernails results from a diseased state of mortal consciousness which needs to be replaced by a realization of divine accord. I bit my nails from a time before I went to kindergarten until some years after I commenced the study of Christian Science upon leaving school. I had done much work, much praying, to heal this condition, apparently to no avail. Never once was I discouraged, but several friends of our family would ask me about my problem, saying, "Just know that it is a bad habit, and that bad habits are not associated with man." That advice was not the divine inspiration needed to overcome this ingrained error. When I saw that all power, parentage, and authority is in and of God, Spirit, man's only creative, infinite Principle, I was convinced that I was completely and permanently healed. That was many years ago, and there has been no slightest return of the difficulty.

July 24, 1948

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