Hunger and all its phases, its...

Hunger and all its phases, its causes, and the ways of alleviating it are constantly being brought to our attention. Christian Science brought the healing of such a condition in my experience over thirty years ago. I was not starving from the lack of food, but because of a severe case of neuralgia in my face, which made it almost impossible for me to eat. In desperation I decided to eat if it killed me. The attempt did cause me to lose consciousness. Later my cousin informed me, "At three o'clock you are going to see a Christian Science practitioner." He had only recently met this practitioner at a friend's house, but he attributed the overcoming of a chronic case of constipation to the impression her remarks had made on him.

We visited her that afternoon, and the love and understanding she expressed filled my consciousness with the assurance that I could eat, not because I had learned why, but because I had complete faith that she knew why I could. That evening I ate my first meal in many months. The fear of death and the belief of pain attached to eating were instantly healed, but many of the subtle fears connected with this disease, which were of long standing, required another three months to be completely eliminated from my consciousness.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my gratitude...
July 24, 1948

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