I wish to express a little of the...

I wish to express a little of the gratitude which I feel for Christian Science. A few of the ills healed in our family have been double pneumonia with abscess of the lungs, tuberculosis in the last stage, nervous prostration, blood poisoning, a liver injury resulting from a fall, influenza, lack, chorea, toothache, infection from vaccination, and burns. Many bad traits of disposition also have been overcome.

One of the most outstanding healings was that of severe scalding of my two-year-old son. The flesh fell off in patches and the area affected was one third of his lower body and legs and one hand. A practitioner was called, and a friend who is a Christian Science nurse came in to help us. The other children and I did our work as we are taught in Christian Science, and read from the Bible and our textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, to keep erroneous thoughts from bringing fear into conciousness. After the first half-hour, the little fellow felt no pain and was soon asleep. We read on page 278 of the textbook, "That matter is substantial or has life and sensation, is one of the false beliefs of mortals, and exists only in a supposititious mortal consciousness." No material application was used, nor were the blisters touched. The sense of shock was soon gone. In two weeks new flesh had appeared, except around each ankle where rolled woolen socks had caught and held the hot fluid. As I overcame fear in washing him, this too filled in beautifully. In one month he was standing on his feet, and he soon walked again. He is now in junior high school, active in basketball and other sports.

September 27, 1947

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