Trust in God Is Natural to Man

Sometimes it is necessary to eliminate from human consciousness the false belief that healing comes only after a long period of time during which mortal man has been busily reaching out for trust in God and then laboriously building up that trust. In the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." Mary Baker Eddy makes this awakening statement (p. 167): "Only through radical reliance on Truth can scientific healing power be realized." She does not make healing dependent upon length of study, or effort, or treatment, but only upon "radical reliance on Truth."

A dictionary points out that the word "radical" derives from the Latin radix, or root, and means "proceeding directly from the root." Among its synonyms in various senses are the words "fundamental," "natural," and "native." And synonyms for "reliance" are "confidence" and "trust." Trust is not based upon or affected by what mortals term material substance, material intelligence, material laws, or time and place. It is never bogged down by apathy, because it is God-maintained. It is not afflicted with waves of doubt or disinterest, because it is God-controlled. Confidence in good is natural to man and ever present in his consciousness, because it is the native manifestation of the one Mind, the Mind that is All-in-all.

Christian Science is not cognizant of the date on which we began its study any more than the multiplication table knows the date on which we learned it. Therefore we need not take a position of fearfully comparing our understanding of the truth with another's, wondering whether we have been utilizing this truth long enough to realize man's freedom, harmony, and Godlikeness. Neither should we be fooled into fearfully believing that we have labored long and made no progress. The abiding confidence that God is All to us now eliminates the baseless fear that the mortal measurement called time enters into healing. God's healing law is universal, unstoppable, all-powerful, all-compelling; and man is continuously aware of this fact.

Certainty of God's Existence
March 1, 1947

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