I have only recently returned...

I have only recently returned from overseas duty, the better part of which was spent as a rifleman in a combat infantry company, and I have great cause for gratitude as a Christian Scientist.

Christian Science has truly been my "shield and buckler," for I had many proofs of protection at the front. The purpose of this testimony is to tell one of my experiences, which shows that there is sure protection against all evil, no matter how great or near it may seem to be.

Our company once held what seemed to be a very insecure area along a river, and we were compelled to send out an hourly patrol to make contact with other companies on our flanks in order to make sure we should not be cut off. One night I was ordered to take out one of these patrols, and as it was several hours before it would be time to go out, I sat down in my foxhole to do some scientific thinking about the job ahead. The suggestion kept coming that the real danger lay not in the enemy, but in the possibility that through mistaken identity we might be fired upon by one of our own outposts. It was so persistent that I could not reason about my relationship with God. Then the words came to me quite clearly (Ps. 121:8): "The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore." That thought so quieted my fears that I became conscious of God's presence.

Testimony of Healing
Although my healings and blessings...
March 1, 1947

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