How to Get Rid of Trouble

Christian Science shows the sure way to get rid of trouble. But it is not the way usually chosen by men. Have you ever taken a bird's-eye view of mortals and their troubles? Have you ever noted the common procedure they follow?

Mr. A (or it might be Mrs. B or Miss C) finds himself confronted with a problem. It may be physical, financial, domestic, or something else. He (or she) feels that the thing to do is to talk it over with someone, and he proceeds to do so. Perhaps he tells several. In some cases he reviews it to everyone who will listen. If you could be in a helicopter hovering high up above the earth and had some way to hear all that was being said by the world's people, you would be likely to find that the face of the earth is pretty well covered with groups of two or more mortals telling their troubles to one another. (Many are telephoning them!)

Now there are some kinds of troubles mortals like to pour into the ears of others with a self-pitying note. Sometimes there is almost a tone of exultation when they say, "Oh, I have it too!" Being in style or keeping up with the Joneses, even in the matter of trouble, gives a morbid satisfaction to some.

March 1, 1947

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