I became an earnest student of...

I became an earnest student of Christian Science in 1930 after my mother had passed on from hemophilia, and the doctor had said that I would inherit the same disease. I knew only two things about Christian Science. One was that its God is Love; the second that Christian Scientists believed all evil and sickness could be healed.

The Lesson-Sermons were feasts to me. Each week brought new truths to light, reasonably explained in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," written by Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. One of my first joys was to learn that God is Truth. The knowledge that every testimony and article published in the literature is thoroughly attested to before being printed led me to a careful study of the testimonies, which told of the amazing fruitage of Christian Science.

To accomplish my healing of anemia I turned first, with the help of a Concordance, to what Mrs. Eddy tells us of blood on page 376 of the textbook: "The pallid invalid, whom you declare to be wasting away with consumption of the blood, should be told that blood never gave life and can never take it away,—that Life is Spirit, and that there is more life and immortality in one good motive and act, than in all the blood which ever flowed through mortal veins and simulated a corporeal sense of life." This passage became my guide for daily living. Each morning held for me a new opportunity to try afresh to correct my thinking and win the struggle over a false sense of self. I gradually became more charitable, tolerant, kind, and pure-minded. Some three years later I was able to pass a medical examination for an insurance policy, and I knew that I was healed. What happiness and gratitude were mine! I had learned to love naturally, and not to think of myself or of personal gain.

Testimony of Healing
At one time I was confronted...
March 1, 1947

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