Christian Science heals

Christian Science heals. It is a practical, usable religion, especially attractive to one who longs for more than rites and ceremonies. I always believed in God; however, since all my questions were met with either evasions or ridicule, I finally drifted completely away from all churches. For many years thereafter I read Christian Science literature. I was continually raiding literature distribution boxes, and each testimony of healing in the periodicals was read and reread. In this way I learned to love Science, and unknown even to myself was the fact that my faith had shifted from a material base to a spiritual one.

The first healing I ever witnessed was of an arm that had been thrown out. In the vernacular of the baseball player "thrown out" means that an arm cannot be used again for some time for pitching. Every known material remedy had been applied with no abatement of the excruciating pain which had continued for over a week. I finally remembered the testimonies I had lead and half fearfully mentioned Christian Science to the one who had been injured. With his consent I took him to the nearest practitioner. His healing was instantaneous. The healing of the severe pain was so swift that it left us both weak with joy, and we traveled home as though on air. Later every mortal so-called law was refuted, and he pitched over twenty winning games that season.

Testimony of Healing
The year 1927 stands out as a...
November 22, 1947

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