Strength in Meekness

Perhaps few words in the Bible have suffered more from misinterpretation than the word "meek." The commonly accepted meaning of the word is timid, submissive, long-suffering, lacking spirit and backbone, therefore easily imposed upon. This all implies weakness. One Bible concordance says that the word is not used in this negative sense in the Bible, but that meekness signifies quiet submission to God's will, readiness to entertain the truths of God. Such an attitude of thought naturally leads to spiritual understanding, which brings strength, dignity, and wisdom. Submission to human will leads to weakness and sometimes, in human experience, to a giving up of one's individuality, with a corresponding loss of one's own and others' respect.

As we gain the correct understanding of meekness, we can begin to demonstrate it. Our first demonstrations may, however, cost us much effort, if we have formed the habit of taking the line of least resistance. We may be tempted time and again to let things go rather than to make the effort to overcome timidity and to take our stand with divine Principle. We may have to wait, work, and pray very earnestly, and depend wholeheartedly on God.

Man's Immortal Status
July 27, 1946

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