"He ... shall laugh"

A Student of Christian Science was dismayed one day to find that wisdom teeth, which had seemed to be in the process of coming through for months, were penetrating the roof of her mouth. Only for a moment, however, did the dismay last. The thought which came fast on the heels of dismay and drove it out was amusement —amusement at the ridiculous pretensions of error.

I have studied Christian Science too long, and seen too many proofs of its efficacy, she thought, to be fooled by this absurdity! This claim of disorder is wholly mesmeric, since God, Principle, does not create any erroneous condition, and it could not create itself. God's government is established, and His law of righteousness controls me and the universe! What appears to be a solid, bony structure is not real substance. Substance is Spirit. Matter is only a counterfeit presentment of mortal mind, and has no power to resist God's mandate of harmony for man. Therefore, there is nothing to fear. In support of this confident refusal to be impressed by sense testimony, a verse from the second Psalm came to her: "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision." A few days later she found that the teeth had grown completely through in their proper places.

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October 12, 1946

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