Why Should These Things Be?

Why should homes be broken, dear ones sacrificed, life's hopes thwarted, and all the world turned topsy-turvy by the holocaust of war? What have we done? Is this the way of God? If God is loving and just, why should some suffer for the sins of others? These or similar questions are in the thoughts of many as the final phases of the world's most tragic war take place. The answers are to be found in the teachings of Christ Jesus and Christian Science.

Any thoughtful reader of the four Gospels will soon realize that the Master thought and taught of facts and forces little understood by men of his time and still not understood in any full measure by men of these times. Yet men do feel the truthfulness of his life and work, and accept in a goodly measure his teachings and commands as the ideal which they would honor, protect, and exemplify.

July 14, 1945

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