Ability Is Man's by Reflection

The expression, "He has natural ability," is applied to someone who shows a great deal of proficiency in some direction, or who is adept at a number of things. Comparatively few persons realize the nature and source of ability. There are those who believe themselves to be specially endowed of God, those who think they possess extra large brains, and those who believe their aptitudes to be inherited from a superior ancestral strain. Contrariwise, there are those who think they lack ability. All these beliefs stem from the claim of a selfhood separate from God, whereas man actually exists solely as a reflection of the one infinite, all-knowing divine Mind. When aroused to the understanding of this fact, one may spontaneously express ability in any and all directions, while at the same time glorifying God and growing in grace.

From the following experience the writer learned how constantly alert one must be to utilize his understanding that ability is man's by reflection. She had been assigned a difficult and unfamiliar task one day, and after several unsuccessful attempts to do the work, she temporarily accepted the belief of inability, and asked for help from someone who was specially trained for that type of work.

"The breastplate of righteousness"
March 17, 1945

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