A Mighty Fact—the Oneness of Mind

A child in the lower grades, who was a Christian Scientist, was startled when her teacher asked the class to bring in the next day, an imaginative composition on, "How I Broke My Leg." Quickly she thought: "God never makes His children to think of accidents and hurts, and God is the only Mind my teacher and all of us really have. This Mind gives each of us only thoughts which are good and harmonious." Pluckily she held to these simple truths and was not surprised when, a little later, the teacher said to the class: "Children. I have changed my mind. You need not write that composition. Instead, write me a letter telling about a make-believe vacation of two weeks in California."

The child had not tried to control the teacher's thought. She simply accepted, and with faith and expectancy clung to, the basic, scientific fact that God, good, is the only Mind and controller of us all. This unifying control of the one Mind must become apparent in the mental atmosphere of our homes, our churches, our daily rounds, between employers and employees, and in the life of nations.

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March 25, 1944

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