For a long time I have felt the...

For a long time I have felt the desire to express through our periodicals some measure of my deep gratitude for Christian Science which, when first glimpsed, revealed to me a new and previously unknown existence. This wonderful religion was presented at a time when I was indeed wandering in the wilderness of human hopes, because material resources had utterly failed me. Then, while making some changes in my business and my home affairs, I suddenly found myself surrounded by students of Christian Science. I had heard very little about Christian Science and knew nothing of its healing power, but for some years I had been reaching out for something that would sustain me in times of need. Although of a deeply religious nature I had found my own religion so inadequate that I had long since given it up. I had only to read a few pages of the chapter entitled "Prayer" in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, to realize that here was that for which I had been seeking so long. Here was the truth about God and man.

I had been studying Science but a few weeks when one evening my two little boys became violently ill, both apparently being stricken with the same trouble. I have never known what this ailment was, but the children were in a stupor and running extremely high temperatures. Knowing that I must rely on Christian Science, but not knowing just how to go about it, I went as quickly as I could to a student of Science who lived in the home and asked her what I must do. She lovingly offered to call a practitioner. The practitioner lived some distance from the city and I had never heard of her. She sent me a message, instructing me to read and not be afraid. I ran back to my apartment feeling that all was well although the children still seemed to be very ill. I tucked the covers around them, resolving to leave them entirely to the care of divine Love.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express gratitude...
November 4, 1944

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