Willing Obedience

[Of Special Interest to Youth]

Not long ago it was my privilege to visit the mother of a young man who survived the sinking of one of our warships in the battle of the Coral Sea. It seems that immediately after the ship was struck by enemy bombs a hurried survey revealed that it could not continue to sail under its own power and would have to be abandoned and sunk, lest it fall into enemy hands. In this situation a number of the crew apparently decided it would be safer for them to go overboard at once, but the more thoughtful awaited the orders of the commanding officer.

Those who awaited the captain's order to abandon ship were rescued, but many of those who went overboard without waiting were not found. The young man about whom this is recorded was rescued about a mile from the spot where his ship went down, and he is convinced that this was because he awaited his captain's order.

This Is Our Church
July 10, 1943

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