I became interested in Christian Science...

I became interested in Christian Science before the last war, during the course of which a little understanding of it, together with much help from others, proved to be a tremendous support. On one occasion an alarming swelling in the throat disappeared during my study of the Lesson-Sermon for that week in the Christian Science Quarterly. On another I awoke one morning feeling extremely ill, and the medical orderly gave me strict injunctions to remain where I was until the medical officer had seen me. Again after reading the Lesson I felt entirely well, and reported personally to the medical officer to that effect. After examining me, he questioned the orderly with regard to having reported me as suffering from a condition of which there then appeared to be no trace. What the condition was supposed to be I never knew.

Although as a mechanical transport driver I was spared much that the lads in the trenches were called upon to face, Christian Science on many occasions afforded a wonderful measure of protection for myself and others. One day we were ordered to move our lorry park, and there was no opportunity to dismantle and pack the portable hut used by the sergeant as office and sleeping quarters. When we returned the next day for that purpose we found a shell hole where the hut had been, and the sergeant, who often read my copies of The Christian Science Monitor, saw in the incident the hand of God. Indeed he remarked on more than one occasion, half jocularly, that they always felt safe going up the line when I was along. It was remarkable how regularly the Monitor reached me wherever I was, and how widely appreciated it was. When the "doughboys" first arrived in Flanders they relied on us for transport, and I was among the drivers bringing up their supplies from the railhead. I therefore used to save up my Monitors for them, and each copy would be eagerly divided among three or four men.

Testimony of Healing
I feel that a testimony to the...
March 13, 1943

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