Home Is Heaven

World conditions at the present time make it necessary in many instances for families and friends to part, and for new and difficult adjustments to be made. Under these testing conditions humanity needs to turn to God for peace and stability. For those young men and women who are carrying a heavy load of fear, doubt, and loneliness, Christian Science offers a safe refuge, a peaceful abiding place.

The thought dearest to each individual is that of home, a blessed retreat where one can rest from the toil of the day, surrounded by love and understanding. One need not yield to sadness or discouragement if he seems to lack those things required for comfort and security. It is possible to bring into one's experience all that is essential, as has been proved by countless grateful students of Christian Science throughout the world. Jesus declared, "In my Father's house are many mansions," thus defining the amplitude of the Father's provision for His children. In his real being, man dwells eternally in the home of heavenly harmony, as Christian Science teaches us. There, every need is met. Supply is constantly pouring in from the eternal source, God, providing man with every good gift.

We Can Overcome Fear
November 6, 1943

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