"And set me in a large place"

That there is not enough room for everyone, that one cannot enlarge his own experience without restricting other people's and cannot in any way enlarge it sufficiently, that there is not enough power or enough of something else for what needs to be done—all such appearances and conclusions are found in Christian Science to be mere mistakes of the human mind. They have often been pathetic or tragic in their consequences—as in the present war, for example—but they are nevertheless wholly without foundation in fact.

They arise from the belief that restriction and meagerness are in the nature of things, or to put it another way, that being is limited, and that good is even more limited, indeed that good is often unavailable. But Christian Science shows that being and good are one, and this one not limited at all. In a manner purely scientific, Christian Science reveals and proves this fact step by step to all who faithfully follow its teaching. In so doing, it proves that the home, the relationships, and the character of work and of living which are required for one's satisfaction are available for him, and that in rightly and securely attaining these evidences of infinite good, he does not deprive others of anything of value, but rather enriches all the others concerned, along with himself.

"The spiritual ultimate"
April 4, 1942

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