"The universal and perfect remedy"

The universal and ever-available remedy for all ills is to be found in the spiritual understanding of the truth of being, which distinguishes between human concepts and divine realities. Understanding is a priceless possession. Regardless of one's position in life, his profession, business, or avocation, understanding is a prime requisite if desirable results are to be attained. Without understanding, it would be impossible for an architect to draw suitable plans for a building, an engineer to build a substantial bridge, or an aviator successfully to fly a plane across the ocean. Even in the ordinary activities of daily living, some understanding of the task at hand is necessary, and must be used, if one would succeed in writing a proper business letter, preparing a tasty meal, or painting a house. The writer of Proverbs stated a vital fact with these words: "Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it;" and again, "He that keepeth understanding shall find good."

Christian Science, which was discovered and founded by Mary Baker Eddy, reveals the spiritual import of the Scriptures. It sheds an illuminating glow upon the life, the teachings, and the healing works of the master Christian, Christ Jesus. By more than a half century of indisputable proof, this Science has substantiated the fact that healing by spiritual means, such as was utilized by Jesus and his early followers, is a practical, demonstrable, and divinely natural experience, within the comprehension of any sincere, spiritually-minded student of this Science. Without doubt many earnest people today desire that the healing works of Jesus be demonstrated, as they were in the first century, but more than desire is requisite. The works of the Master, as well as his words, plainly show that he spiritually understood God and man, and the eternal, harmonious relationship existing between them; and because of his spiritual understanding, unmixed with doubt or fear, Jesus was always able to demonstrate health, life, harmony, peace, plenty, and protection.

August 30, 1941

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