"The word of God is quick, and powerful"

Thinking rightly is the means of successful living; it glows brighter for the using, and does not waste away. In Proverbs it is written of a man, "As he thinketh in his heart, so is he." Truly this is so, and one must constantly watch in order that he may refuse to think evil thoughts and hold to the good. The Christian Science student should ask himself what he is thinking in his heart. Is it that which he reads, hears, or sees concerning error; or does he entertain only the pure, spiritual thoughts which come to him from God, as a light in his consciousness, as that of which he is certain through spiritual conviction? Surely it is the latter which is held to in the heart of the sincere student of Christian Science.

Our beloved Leader, Mary Eddy, entertained such spiritual thoughts in her discovering and founding of Christian Science. The spiritual ideas which flooded her consciousness brought the revelation of the Christ, Truth, which impelled and enabled her to demonstrate the new-found facts about man as God's image and likeness. The world did not begin to accept her discovery until with consecrated persistence she proved true her revelation by healing the sick. This healing work due to her teaching goes on today and will continue.

"Fed by Thy love"
September 14, 1940

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