Persistence, a Pearl Priceless

To be imbued with the high and holy purpose to serve God and humanity sincerely and selflessly, and to cleave to that exalted purpose through "evil report and good report," is an aim worthy of the fullest devotion.

In any line of endeavor steadfast, unwavering consecration to duty is acknowledged to be indispensable to successful achievement and progress. The weak and infirm of purpose seldom, if ever, accomplish anything worth while or enduring, and one who is reluctant to toil faithfully and unremittingly, if need be, for the attainment of an ideal, is likely to encounter failure, or, at best, to meet with small measure of success. Contrariwise, he who is aglow with love for God and man, and who lives that love in practical terms of service and usefulness, will find his loyalty to good rewarded by the removal of hitherto seemingly insurmountable barriers, and will experience, increasingly, grander and more glorious triumphs over all manner of material limitation and bondage.

"The word of God is quick, and powerful"
September 14, 1940

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