About fifteen years ago I came to this country in very...

About fifteen years ago I came to this country in very poor health. I had a touch of tuberculosis of the lungs, and during the long ocean journey my condition was aggravated. The doctors gave me little hope, and the feeling of being in a strange country with little promise of healing and an ever-mounting financial burden depressed me.

In my extremity I began to look to a higher power for help. The conviction that such a power must exist drove me to investigate several orthodox religions, with respect to spiritual healing, but I found nothing satisfactory. As a last resort, my relatives decided to send me to a farm in the upper part of New York state, in the hope that a change of food and climate would be beneficial to me. There, a Christian Science Sentinel was handed to me by a woman who was not a Christian Scientist, but who had heard of wonderful healings accomplished through this religion. I had very little faith in it, but I began, with the help of a German and English dictionary, to translate the testimonies. These impressed me very much and awakened my interest in Christian Science. Noting that some testifiers were greatly helped by studying a book called "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, I sent for the English version of this book, not knowing that there existed a German translation. By this time I was firmly convinced that, if God had healed these people who testified to His healing efficacy, He would also heal me, for "God is no respecter of persons." When I received this precious book Science and Health, I began at once to translate. The task was difficult and progress slow, but the conviction that within these pages lay the "pearl of great price" spoken of by Jesus, compelled me, day after day, to go on with the translation and the search for an understanding of the truth which would make me free. After almost four months of earnest effort I determined to return to my home in the city, as I knew by that time that I should be healed through the understanding and application of this Science.

True Liberty
August 12, 1939

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